Stress Incontinence Treatment EMSELLA CHAIR

MELORA Health & Enhancement

Medical Spa located in Downingtown, PA

The Emsella Chair can help restore bladder and plevic muscle control in a comfortable non-invasive way. The Emsella device causes contactions of the pelvic floor muscles. 


The Emsella chair is a unique technology that has been created to revolutionize woman's intimate health. This technology is completely non-invasive for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

Unlike other procedures, the patient remains fully clothed. The emsella chair is exactly that, a chair that the patient sits on for 30 minutes, fully clothed. Utilizing thousands of contractions per session, the EMSELLA chair treats the entire pelvic floor. Within days, the patient will see dramatic improvement in their quality of life. Little to no urinary incontinence, reduced vaginal dryness and better intimacy.